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Friday, 15 April 2016

You have completed this semester so, how do you view Critical Literacy now? If you have any comments and suggestions, please do so as it helps for the betterment of the course as a whole.

After I had learned Critical Literacy for this semester, I think I had learned a lot of new things. Critical Literacy taught me how to think outside the box and also taught me that we saw is not always the truth. What you think is the correct things not always a good things, and what you think is bad not always negative all the time. When I met DEC senior, all of them said that Critical Literacy might be hard at first but you can taste the sweet at the end of the semester. So, I think that what DEC senior said is the truth because at first I think Critical Literacy was hard but then when I learn it step by step, I can totally understand it. I do a lot of think on this subject. I might be silent in Critical Literacy but then I always took whatever the lecturer said in class, in a good way I mean.

Next, I think that to junior of semester 3 do not think so much about this subject. Just go with the flow then you will understand it. Do not scare with the subject because you will learn through the semester just accept. This subject will never bring you down unless you are not doing your assignments or not coming to the class. Besides, this subject need you to understand and work on the premises but does not worry because our lecturer will teach you about it.  In addition, our lecturers never feel angry if we ask them. They gladly are welcoming us to ask them questions. Ask them anything that you never understand this subject; they will answer you and guiding you on the right track. However, don’t you ever skip this class because if skip this just once then you will lose track and a little bit difficult to understand the next chapter or assignments.

My comment for this subject, I think that Critical Literacy has been on right track. No need to add anything because I think that Critical Literacy had taught the student all we need. Besides, the only Critical Literacy need to improve is that mass lecturer because I as the student itself never found the function of it. Every time I went to the mass lecturer, I rarely understand what the lecturer teaches. I am more comfortable with the lecturer teach us in class because it more easy for me to ask question or interact with the lecturer. In mass lecturer, it difficult for the lecturer to entertain the student equally, we have like 100 students in one hall so, how the lecturer to keep checking on us all the time. It different in class, the lecturer can pay attention to all the students equally; there aren’t many students in one class hence the lecturer can answer the entire question easily and give their attention to the students. Just like me, wherever we had our mass lecture every Monday, in the next class I will ask my lecturer to explain on the same things again. That is the reason why I think mass lecturer should be gone.

Lastly, I think that Critical Literacy is good thing for me. So, I would to thanks to my lecture, Mr. Kamaraziz Kamaruzzaman for always be patient with me even though sometimes I mess up and does a lot of mistake. But he never feels tired and annoyed even though the mistake that I made is the same mistake over again. He taught me again and again until I understand it can do on my own. Thank you sir!

The body is the greatest possession, the mind is the greatest treasure and the spirit is the greatest companion.

I totally agree with statement because to me body can control everything. Everyone have their own body but nobody knows who to take care of it. They use the body just like they wish. Everyone should know that our body has their own limit hence we should consider on how to use it. Do not force our body too much because it might destroy our body. Each part of our own body has their own function so we really need to use it correctly. Some people always forcing their body to do something that uses a lot of them however we need to learn our body is fragile too. They easily hurt and easily broken hence we really need to care of it. Like we always know that sometimes we have to know our own body limit even though you said that the body is the greatest possession.

Next our mind, where it said that the mind is the greatest treasure ever. Like we all know that the mind controls everything like the key of our movement. The mind itself plays the biggest roles in our daily life because it holds everything that happened on us. The mind also is great treasure because with our mind we can set our body to push our limit to do anything that we want. Our mind also will make us work really hard until we done all the work.

Lastly, is the spirit, it’s true that body and mind play an important role but how can you accomplish all the work when you do not have any spirit. Spirit also is like companion towards body and mind. Spirit also will push us to do anything in our like. Without spirit our life will became meaningless. Without spirit also we will become nobody. Spirit plays a good role in our daily life too. It will make our life become more happy and cheerful with all the positive energy around us. Hence spirit, body and mind are like a combo for our body to achieve something in our daily life.

As conclusion, body, mind and spirit are important to us. Hence stay positive all time then it will come to you in a good way. All the things that you need to remember. take care your body first, and then mind and last but not least is your spirit. So, always remember this statement “The body is the greatest possession, the mind is the greatest treasure and the spirit is the greatest companion.”

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

And where there is a baby-for-sale, money can indeed buy happiness. And after all, why not?

1.1. Selling baby might be good for a rich couple and might also be good for a couple who is wanted a child but they never made. So, they take a shortcut to buy a baby from a black market. Nevertheless,
a.    People should realize that sometimes money can buy happiness. Did we ever thought that what if one day the child know about their past. Does the child will get hurt? Does the child will stay quiet like nothing happened? In addition, I think that buy baby from the black market bring more good than farm. For example like the children it if they are from a poor family, I think it is the best way for the children not to know about their past for their own sake.
b.      The buying baby from black market is illegal but there’s zero probability about the seller will get caught even though they are selling the baby illegally. Besides, buying baby from seller can help the couple to get their own happiness.
1.2. The marriage couple take the shortcut because there are many procedure they need to take if they want to take the baby legal so, they choose this way because it easier. Thus,
a.    Most marriage couple wants their own child but not many of them are made. Some of them might be luck while some is not. So, they decide to take a foster child hence they go the legal but it took some time hence they choose this way because it more fast an quickly and do not need any documents

b.   In addition, we already know that some parents might be the best parents even though it not them who giving birth to the child so, I think that its buying baby bring more happiness than harm and I agree with the action.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Stereotyping- What do you think?

Everyone knows that stereotyping can lead to negative or positive things. Basically, stereotyping is a hasty generalization about a group based on a judgment about an individual. Stereotyping also categorized like age, sex, race, sexual orientation, occupation, region of the country or even physical abilities. Stereotyping can make other people assumption a bad things to us. Hence it’s important to see how we present ourselves because by stereotyping also it can lead it prejudice. As we know that prejudice also involving a bad things because prejudice is about unfavorable predisposition about an individual because of his or her membership in a stereotyped.

Even though prejudice can be positive or negative but mostly prejudice reflects a harmful or hostile attitude about a person based on his or her membership. Besides that, prejudice also can lead to discrimination if it interferes with our accurate perceptions of others. So, it’s important to leave a good impression or also known as a first impression.

First impression is important when we meet a new person because to some people can leave remarkable mark to them. So, it’s important how we present when we meet a new person because first impression is quick, powerful, and sometimes inaccurate and may come in 3 seconds forms.

So, remember to leave a good impression when we meet a new person in order to avoid stereotype and prejudice. Even though it’s not help much like other but still it’s important to leave a good impression.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

What is/are expectation or hope for this subject as you are just started?

When I hear about Critical Literacy, I thought it’s going to be the tough semester ever because from the itself, we know that it’s will be very hard or difficult for student like me who is rarely use any critical thinking skill in each subject.  That thinking skill really kills me because I am not use to it. It’s a lie when I said if I am not crying when I was introducing to this subject. Yes! It is true that I am crying when I encountered the subject and I also cried when I started my first assignments. It’s not like the teacher not guiding me, but it’s just me that feel stress and think that I cannot accomplish the assignment but after I had so many tried, I think that I am getting better day by day. After that, the subject getting more interesting as I keeping learning it and keep reading the subject. I never thought that Critical Literacy changes even though sometimes it took some time for me to understand it.But after I had learned for this semester, I think that Critical Literacy taught me a lot of new things that I never get from my surrounding. I think Critical Literacy is a good subject because we will never know the true meaning of what we see around us.

Some of us might said that Critical Literacy might sound hard or difficult as rock but why don’t you took some time by understand it and learn it? Sure you be surprised about it. Besides, Critical Literacy helps me to understand about the way human think and behave at the certain point. Hence, I think Critical Literacy is will help us more in our daily life. I think that all from me and that how I’m viewing Critical Literacy.

Besides that, Critical Literacy make me thinking so many things that happened surrounding us. In addition, I help to think in different way and to adapt the thing in different things. Like we know, not in this world are telling the true.

Lastly, I think that Critical Literacy even though it is a little bit hard to understand it when we first learn but we will get the things that we learn after we go through the subject.