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Sunday, 3 April 2016

What is/are expectation or hope for this subject as you are just started?

When I hear about Critical Literacy, I thought it’s going to be the tough semester ever because from the itself, we know that it’s will be very hard or difficult for student like me who is rarely use any critical thinking skill in each subject.  That thinking skill really kills me because I am not use to it. It’s a lie when I said if I am not crying when I was introducing to this subject. Yes! It is true that I am crying when I encountered the subject and I also cried when I started my first assignments. It’s not like the teacher not guiding me, but it’s just me that feel stress and think that I cannot accomplish the assignment but after I had so many tried, I think that I am getting better day by day. After that, the subject getting more interesting as I keeping learning it and keep reading the subject. I never thought that Critical Literacy changes even though sometimes it took some time for me to understand it.But after I had learned for this semester, I think that Critical Literacy taught me a lot of new things that I never get from my surrounding. I think Critical Literacy is a good subject because we will never know the true meaning of what we see around us.

Some of us might said that Critical Literacy might sound hard or difficult as rock but why don’t you took some time by understand it and learn it? Sure you be surprised about it. Besides, Critical Literacy helps me to understand about the way human think and behave at the certain point. Hence, I think Critical Literacy is will help us more in our daily life. I think that all from me and that how I’m viewing Critical Literacy.

Besides that, Critical Literacy make me thinking so many things that happened surrounding us. In addition, I help to think in different way and to adapt the thing in different things. Like we know, not in this world are telling the true.

Lastly, I think that Critical Literacy even though it is a little bit hard to understand it when we first learn but we will get the things that we learn after we go through the subject.

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