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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

And where there is a baby-for-sale, money can indeed buy happiness. And after all, why not?

1.1. Selling baby might be good for a rich couple and might also be good for a couple who is wanted a child but they never made. So, they take a shortcut to buy a baby from a black market. Nevertheless,
a.    People should realize that sometimes money can buy happiness. Did we ever thought that what if one day the child know about their past. Does the child will get hurt? Does the child will stay quiet like nothing happened? In addition, I think that buy baby from the black market bring more good than farm. For example like the children it if they are from a poor family, I think it is the best way for the children not to know about their past for their own sake.
b.      The buying baby from black market is illegal but there’s zero probability about the seller will get caught even though they are selling the baby illegally. Besides, buying baby from seller can help the couple to get their own happiness.
1.2. The marriage couple take the shortcut because there are many procedure they need to take if they want to take the baby legal so, they choose this way because it easier. Thus,
a.    Most marriage couple wants their own child but not many of them are made. Some of them might be luck while some is not. So, they decide to take a foster child hence they go the legal but it took some time hence they choose this way because it more fast an quickly and do not need any documents

b.   In addition, we already know that some parents might be the best parents even though it not them who giving birth to the child so, I think that its buying baby bring more happiness than harm and I agree with the action.

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