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Friday, 15 April 2016

The body is the greatest possession, the mind is the greatest treasure and the spirit is the greatest companion.

I totally agree with statement because to me body can control everything. Everyone have their own body but nobody knows who to take care of it. They use the body just like they wish. Everyone should know that our body has their own limit hence we should consider on how to use it. Do not force our body too much because it might destroy our body. Each part of our own body has their own function so we really need to use it correctly. Some people always forcing their body to do something that uses a lot of them however we need to learn our body is fragile too. They easily hurt and easily broken hence we really need to care of it. Like we always know that sometimes we have to know our own body limit even though you said that the body is the greatest possession.

Next our mind, where it said that the mind is the greatest treasure ever. Like we all know that the mind controls everything like the key of our movement. The mind itself plays the biggest roles in our daily life because it holds everything that happened on us. The mind also is great treasure because with our mind we can set our body to push our limit to do anything that we want. Our mind also will make us work really hard until we done all the work.

Lastly, is the spirit, it’s true that body and mind play an important role but how can you accomplish all the work when you do not have any spirit. Spirit also is like companion towards body and mind. Spirit also will push us to do anything in our like. Without spirit our life will became meaningless. Without spirit also we will become nobody. Spirit plays a good role in our daily life too. It will make our life become more happy and cheerful with all the positive energy around us. Hence spirit, body and mind are like a combo for our body to achieve something in our daily life.

As conclusion, body, mind and spirit are important to us. Hence stay positive all time then it will come to you in a good way. All the things that you need to remember. take care your body first, and then mind and last but not least is your spirit. So, always remember this statement “The body is the greatest possession, the mind is the greatest treasure and the spirit is the greatest companion.”

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