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Monday, 4 April 2016

Stereotyping- What do you think?

Everyone knows that stereotyping can lead to negative or positive things. Basically, stereotyping is a hasty generalization about a group based on a judgment about an individual. Stereotyping also categorized like age, sex, race, sexual orientation, occupation, region of the country or even physical abilities. Stereotyping can make other people assumption a bad things to us. Hence it’s important to see how we present ourselves because by stereotyping also it can lead it prejudice. As we know that prejudice also involving a bad things because prejudice is about unfavorable predisposition about an individual because of his or her membership in a stereotyped.

Even though prejudice can be positive or negative but mostly prejudice reflects a harmful or hostile attitude about a person based on his or her membership. Besides that, prejudice also can lead to discrimination if it interferes with our accurate perceptions of others. So, it’s important to leave a good impression or also known as a first impression.

First impression is important when we meet a new person because to some people can leave remarkable mark to them. So, it’s important how we present when we meet a new person because first impression is quick, powerful, and sometimes inaccurate and may come in 3 seconds forms.

So, remember to leave a good impression when we meet a new person in order to avoid stereotype and prejudice. Even though it’s not help much like other but still it’s important to leave a good impression.

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