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Friday, 15 April 2016

You have completed this semester so, how do you view Critical Literacy now? If you have any comments and suggestions, please do so as it helps for the betterment of the course as a whole.

After I had learned Critical Literacy for this semester, I think I had learned a lot of new things. Critical Literacy taught me how to think outside the box and also taught me that we saw is not always the truth. What you think is the correct things not always a good things, and what you think is bad not always negative all the time. When I met DEC senior, all of them said that Critical Literacy might be hard at first but you can taste the sweet at the end of the semester. So, I think that what DEC senior said is the truth because at first I think Critical Literacy was hard but then when I learn it step by step, I can totally understand it. I do a lot of think on this subject. I might be silent in Critical Literacy but then I always took whatever the lecturer said in class, in a good way I mean.

Next, I think that to junior of semester 3 do not think so much about this subject. Just go with the flow then you will understand it. Do not scare with the subject because you will learn through the semester just accept. This subject will never bring you down unless you are not doing your assignments or not coming to the class. Besides, this subject need you to understand and work on the premises but does not worry because our lecturer will teach you about it.  In addition, our lecturers never feel angry if we ask them. They gladly are welcoming us to ask them questions. Ask them anything that you never understand this subject; they will answer you and guiding you on the right track. However, don’t you ever skip this class because if skip this just once then you will lose track and a little bit difficult to understand the next chapter or assignments.

My comment for this subject, I think that Critical Literacy has been on right track. No need to add anything because I think that Critical Literacy had taught the student all we need. Besides, the only Critical Literacy need to improve is that mass lecturer because I as the student itself never found the function of it. Every time I went to the mass lecturer, I rarely understand what the lecturer teaches. I am more comfortable with the lecturer teach us in class because it more easy for me to ask question or interact with the lecturer. In mass lecturer, it difficult for the lecturer to entertain the student equally, we have like 100 students in one hall so, how the lecturer to keep checking on us all the time. It different in class, the lecturer can pay attention to all the students equally; there aren’t many students in one class hence the lecturer can answer the entire question easily and give their attention to the students. Just like me, wherever we had our mass lecture every Monday, in the next class I will ask my lecturer to explain on the same things again. That is the reason why I think mass lecturer should be gone.

Lastly, I think that Critical Literacy is good thing for me. So, I would to thanks to my lecture, Mr. Kamaraziz Kamaruzzaman for always be patient with me even though sometimes I mess up and does a lot of mistake. But he never feels tired and annoyed even though the mistake that I made is the same mistake over again. He taught me again and again until I understand it can do on my own. Thank you sir!

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